Shoulders together,
And hand in hand,
So physically close,
But you don’t understand
The turmoil inside me
Which pushes you back,
The turmoil confuses
Your love with attack.
For how could you love me?
The dark voices say.
You surely don’t care,
So I push you away.
I don’t feel I deserve
All the nice things you do
Or the nice things you say,
So I lash out at you.
For some reason
You stick there,
As if glued to my side
Perhaps out of love,
Or perhaps out of pride.
Whatever the reason,
That drives you to stay,
It fills me with joy
So please don’t go away.


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5 Responses to Loyalty

  1. Yu/stan/kema says:

    I like this poem. Well written. Yu/stan/kema

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  2. words4jp says:

    Emotional turmoil – I was told this by someone. It was the the cause of dismissal on his end and me running away on my end.

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  3. A lovely poem and one that makes you think, about the mystery of love, the power of attraction and why so many of us think we are just not good enough.

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  4. Lovely poem Pooky, the discussion of why someone loves us when we see our faults so clearly raises the question to me of what it is they are seeing, obviously not the same as you. Have a good day.

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