Seeking Solace in the Stars

Sometimes when I feel lonely,
I look up at the night sky,
And feel the stars shine down on me,
And softly question why…

Why do I feel lonely?
What makes me feel so sad?
And can I think of something
That would make me feel less bad?

In the stars I seek some solace,
They’re my non-judgmental friends,
I can tell them almost anything,
And with the stars it ends.

They don’t chatter, they don’t gossip,
But they help me think things through.
When I’m done talking in the dark,
I often feel less blue.


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5 Responses to Seeking Solace in the Stars

  1. as always, Thank you, thank you, for this beautiful poem, Pooky!

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  2. OnTheWay... says:

    You are like a star in this darkness. Thank you x

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  3. A lovely inspiring and uplifting poem. I’ll be looking at the night sky again and reflecting on your poem.

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