Fond Farewell

I treasure every moment that we spend
When your attention undivided’s mine. Oh how I wish these times would never end
There are few better ways to pass the time.

But this time ends as all things surely do,
And we wish fond farewells beneath the moon.
With heavy heart I say goodbye to you..
But just for now, let’s meet again, and soon.

And so we part and go our separate ways,
You back to your home and me back to mine,
I cannot help but feel somewhat dismayed,
These happy times are memories, like the wine.

I’m lucky that I have a friend like you.
I wish our parting didn’t leave me blue.

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2 Responses to Fond Farewell

  1. wbdeejay says:

    Very touching. I know these feelings. xx

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  2. This brings back the moments of saying goodbye to Heidi each year. Beautifully expressed. xx

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