I’m Sorry

To the girl at the station,
With her head in her hands,
And tears gently streaming,
Into her hair’s golden strands…

I’m so sorry I walked past,
Didn’t offer an ear,
In the rush hour bustle,
I walked straight past your tears.

It was none of my business,
Said a voice in my head
As did voices of others,
And onwards they sped.

I think that I’m different,
I think that I care,
But when you needed someone,
Then I just wasn’t there.

By the time that I realised,
I should stop by your side,
There was no way for me to
Fight back through the tide

Of rushing commuters,
All keen to get home,
Whilst you sat in the crowd,
Feeling very alone.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
You’re in my thoughts now.
If there’s ever a next time,
I’ll stop and sit down.

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One Response to I’m Sorry

  1. A beautiful, heartfelt poem. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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