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And Then She Knew

She saw hatred in his eyes, And then she knew The only person she could trust Was herself. She had loved. She had lost. She was broken. [dedicated to the very sad girl in the coffeeshop]

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The Old Lady in the Mirror

From the mirror the face of a stranger peers out. She is old, she is grey, she is short, she is stout. She isn’t at all what I thought I would see When I looked in the mirror – I … Continue reading

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The Therapist’s Waiting Room

She sits, patiently, waiting her turn. Her foot anxiously tapping To the rhythm of the poorly chosen music. Her fingers fiddling with loose threads Of too old chairs. She is silent and appears calm, But inside she is screaming, Her … Continue reading

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When I Hurt, Please Hold Me

When I’m hurting, Hold me, And never let me go. The longer that you hold me, The more I come to know That it’s true, You really love me, And you care if I’m okay, There’s just one way To … Continue reading

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Almost There

I live life in the fringes; I live life almost there, Not quite in the moment, I don’t live my life with flair. I do things rather quietly And dark corners are my place, I can’t join your conversation, But … Continue reading

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Growing Up

As you grip my phone In your four-year-old hands, Showing photos Of good times To a friend, I find it hard To comprehend How years have passed. Just yesterday, It seems, You were brand new to me. And yet, Here … Continue reading

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Please Help Ease My Pain

Please will you listen to me And let me feel like I’ve been heard, I’m feeling rather lonely, My behaviours are absurd. I know that they won’t help me With my underlying pain, But yet I turn back to these … Continue reading

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You Travel with Me

Please know you’re always with me, Even when I’m far away, I think about you constantly You’re with me through the day. I carry little bits of you; The pockets of my mind Are almost full to bursting With the … Continue reading

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As they teased her, Poked, And pointed, Jeering from behind the safety Of their computer screens, She sat, Silently crying. Tears slowly worked their way down her face, Their journey practiced and familiar. Did they know how they hurt her? … Continue reading

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Remembering [a poem to mark November 11th]

As she remembered, Her thoughts turned To what might have been. A minute of silent contemplation Mourning a lost husband, And the children they’d not had, The grandchildren whose laughter Would never bring her home to life, And the memories … Continue reading

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