Tree of Strength (a poem about resilience)

There’s a tree in my garden,
That stands strong and tall,
No matter what happens,
My tree doesn’t fall.

When it is windy
Blowing gales and squalls
My tree bows and bends
But I know it won’t fall.

When rain falls upon it,
So hard it might drown,
My tree welcomes water
And holds out its boughs.

When the sun shines hard,
And plants all turn brown,
My tree’s lengthy roots,
Ensure water is found.

And when it is snowing,
And frost tries to bite,
My tree sheds some leaves
And soon new ones shine bright.

I watch my tree daily
There’s much to admire,
Such strength and resilience
To which I aspire.


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6 Responses to Tree of Strength (a poem about resilience)

  1. Hello, Pooky, I hope you read my blog post about my tree the other day! As always, always, I love your poems!

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  2. Hi Pooky, we all need to call on our powers for resilience and this analogy is a perfect one. Have a good day.

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  3. Dear Pooky, this wonderful poem speaks to the core of the tree that is me. Your tree analogy is perfect. Every now and then when the winds of my life blow so hard I feel I must surely break, the storm abates and I find I’m still standing. Sometimes leafless, maybe not as straight as I once was, but I’m still here. And yes, new leaves grow.

    This is an amazing poem, one I have to share.
    Much love my friend, and thank you for who you are and for the gift of your words. xxx

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    • PookyH says:

      Thank you Tricia – you are one of the most resilience (perhaps THE most resilient) person I’ve ever known. I admire your courage and your ability to bounce forwards not back. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement – it still surprises me each day that other people find something worth reading or sharing in my words, but it fills me with joy too – so thank you xxx

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  5. Clare Hardy says:

    I found your poem and I am using it with my class, to think about resilience. We try to do a lot of outdoor learning so this fits in beautifully. Many thanks.

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