The Old Lady in the Mirror

From the mirror the face of a stranger peers out.
She is old, she is grey, she is short, she is stout.
She isn’t at all what I thought I would see
When I looked in the mirror – I thought I’s see me.

But instead there’s a woman who’s worn and who’s old
Who despite many layers
Is shivering with cold.
She’s a little familiar
And soon all is clear
“I’m a forward projection
Of yourself my dear”

There’s a few things I decided I thought you should know,
My time’s almost up and I’m ready to go,
But before I pass on, I must help you to see
That you’re unique and special” – said she pointing at me.

You don’t seem to realise the things that you do,
Make ripples and impact on others than you.
You’re too self absorbed – though your game is self hate
It leaves others around you in terrible states.

Take a step back and you’ll soon realise,
The importance your actions have in others’ eyes.
So think twice with the things that you say and you do
And remember young eyes are all looking to you
To set them an example,
To help them feel good,
So do things in the way
That you wish that they would.

If you tell them to love and to care for themselves,
Unless you do likewise your lesson is shelved.
Show them, don’t tell them. How things should be done
Oh, and she said with a twinkle HAVE FUN!


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6 Responses to The Old Lady in the Mirror

  1. Cha Annie says:

    This is wonderful – love it!


  2. Yu/stan/kema says:

    I really liked it because its reality.

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  3. Very nice, as always, Pooky! As I grow older and see my mother in the mirror when I actually look – I can relate. And thank you for the message!

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  4. Life is about having fun, the twinkle in your eye, the tilt in your kilt, it’s about accepting the who you are, and knowing that the person you see is the one who’s ok.

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  5. ann ledesma says:

    sad and tragic. how can you have fun when you see an old freakazoid in the mirror?

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