Please Help Ease My Pain

Please will you listen to me
And let me feel like I’ve been heard,
I’m feeling rather lonely,
My behaviours are absurd.
I know that they won’t help me
With my underlying pain,
But yet I turn back to these ways
Again and again and again.

Please tell me that you love me,
That you’ll stick with me although
I cut and burn and hurt myself
And leave those wounds on show.
I don’t do it for attention
I just need to know you care.
And the time you see me more than most
Is when those wounds are there.

Please don’t judge or hate me,
Or talk to me like I’ve gone mad;
If you take the time to listen,
Then I’ll feel a lot less bad.
I feel completely worthless,
So please tell me that I’m not.
I’m sorry that it’s hard for you
But you’re all that I’ve got.


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18 Responses to Please Help Ease My Pain

  1. OnTheWay... says:

    And again, your words could even be my own.
    Thank you xx

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  2. rsvendsen07 says:

    This is so moving, beautifully written and expressed. Well done. ❤

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  3. Iris Orpi says:

    Crying for help is actually an act of courage.
    I send you hugs from cold and windy Chicago and may your soul find respite soon.

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  4. carriezusy says:

    Love your poem and understand every word you write. My adopted daughter has been through all of these things and I can tell you things will get better. I want you to know that you are worthy and loved, your words have power and a purpose. Praying for you and for God to reveal your value and purpose in Him.

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  5. As someone who lost a parent from mental illness, I understand to the depths of my core. Such beautiful, heart breaking words. Thank you.

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  6. words4jp says:

    I can relate to this piece too well.

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  7. This is so beautiful, thank you for writing…..

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  8. Pooky, this poem gives a voice, a sense of being heard, to those too afraid to speak up. Have you thought of including it in any literature you hand out during your lectures. If it could be copied and passed on to young people at risk it may help them to not feel quite so alone.

    A beautiful, empathetic poem my friend. xx

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    • PookyH says:

      Thank you… Some people I’ve worked with usr my poems as a way in woth students. I’ve put the MH ones together with a vague hope of approachibg a publisher but we shall see. Its rather niche…

      Tha k you though. Your wirds and encouragement mean a lot x


  9. marysue128 says:

    As someone had already mentioned above, I also believe crying for help is an act of courage..also knowing your own weakness (your true self) can only be done by strong people. This poem is so powerful. xx

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