What is a parent’s role?

At first
I thought my job was that of teacher,
That I was here to show you how to be.
That when you wanted answers as to ‘how?’
That your first port of call should be with me.

And then
I thought my job was that of leader,
That in the way I go about each day,
That I should model how to live your life,
By watching me, that you would learn the way.

But now
I think my job is one of guidance,
Not to tell you how or when or why,
But to help you realise your own potential,
And to offer solace when you cry.

I know now
I can’t live your young life for you,
I need to teach you how to find your way
With guidance, love and ears that listen
To every single word you choose to say.

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12 Responses to What is a parent’s role?

  1. OnTheWay... says:

    I am so blessed to know a parent such as you. Grateful for how your love shines through your words. Thank you for all you are, you are amazing xx

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  2. Spot on Pooky, you have it right.

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  3. Emily Page says:

    Could not agree more.lovely poem x

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  4. So true about the guidance role. We can only be the lighthouse shining the light, can’t always prevent the ships from crashing. 🙂

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