A Dance of Truth and Lies

Your life is such a complicated dance,
You say one thing, another grips your mind.
If you were honest do you think we’d find
You were not worthy of our second glance?

You build your life on fiction, not on fact,
Portray yourself as others wish to see,
Despite the fact it means you’re never free
To be yourself in how you think and act.

There’s truth in lies, with you, at least, that’s true,
You’ve worked so hard to build your life on lies,
That truth’s forgotten, we don’t hear its cries,
The lies you tell become more you than you.

But really, is the truth you hide so bad?
That you cannot be honest makes me sad.

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8 Responses to A Dance of Truth and Lies

  1. wow! your insights and your way of baking them into poetry is very touching to me, Pooky. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • PookyH says:

      Thank you. Thats a kind thing to say. I had a soecific friend in mind when i wrote this, but on re-reading felt it could apply to a lot of different situations so I’m interested to see how people interpret it.

      Thank you fir taking the time to read, and even bigger thanks for your lovely comment. X


  2. angharad says:

    Another splendid poem, really touched my heart! I’m wondering, would I be able to possibly share it on my blog? X

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