One More Sleep

One more sleep
‘Til holiday,
Tomorrow we will fly.
We’ll grab our bags
(All twelve of them)
And head into the sky.
‘Are we nearly there yet?’
Will, I’m sure, be your refrain,
And the answer, darlings, will be no
‘Til we touchdown in Spain.
And then a week will follow,
Full of sand and sea and fun,
And a break from British autumn
Whilst we frolic in the sun.
So off to sleep now darling,
We’ve an early start ahead,
And there’s far too much I’ve still to do
Before I head to bed.


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4 Responses to One More Sleep

  1. Have a good holiday Pooky, hope the sun shines for you everyday.

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  2. OnTheWay... says:

    Hope you have a great half term.
    I am also heading for what could be called a ‘holiday’ but right now I’m trying not to think about it. xx


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