Harm and Hope

It makes no sense
How one so young,
Could hurt so much inside.
How in the few years
Since his birth
He only seldom cried,
But outward tears turned inwards,
And accumulated pain
Caused turmoil, harm and heartache,
As he hurt himself again.
So broken, but so little,
Is he possible to mend?
We see a glimpse of hope
As he makes his first friend.


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3 Responses to Harm and Hope

  1. topazo says:

    I think we the older generation are beginning to fail the younger generation…we are too busy..looking to fend for them financially whilst neglecting the most important things…love and warmth and providing for them emotionally… we leave them to the influence of the TV and internet


  2. OnTheWay... says:

    Brings back memories of being small…
    Thank you for your words xx


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