Can You Decide to Love Someone?

Can you decide to love someone?
Can you pick a man,
Make him The One?
Overlook his faults,
Downplay the cracks,
Ignore his far too hairy back…
And if you did that,
Would it last
Your perfect dreams things of the past,
Whilst you settled for The One,
Who, when all is said and done,
Was not the one for you at all,
But simply someone nice and tall,
Who earned enough,
And looked okay,
And liked you just enough to stay.
Perhaps with time
You’d grow and change,
Until things all felt rather strange,
Or maybe, in a twist of fate,
You’d fall in love and not in hate,
And find that as the time passed by,
You’d slowly start to realise why,
You persevered with love your goal,
You found someone who made you whole.

[Disclaimer, not inspired by anyone in particular, especially not my darling Tom. This was simply a general wonderingment ]

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5 Responses to Can You Decide to Love Someone?

  1. The word ‘decide’ intrigued me Pooky. I’m not sure we decide but rather discover it has happened. I say that as sometimes when we decide to pursue someone they turn out not as we imagined.

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  2. words4jp says:

    Very interesting. You are right. But then I think, that it just happens. Decided upon by another – power somewhere in the universe.


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