Finding Ways to Belong

Fading scars told the world
He was willing and strong,
That in recovery
He’d found ways to belong.
He’d fought hard and survived.
Well he’d tried,
How he’d tried.
But the scars that were fading
Told lie after lie.
He was no longer cutting,
But still no more alive.

Each day was a struggle,
Each heartbeat a chore,
He had hoped when he stopped
That he’d feel something more
Than a nagging resentment
Of good times gone bad,
And a fear he was destined
To always feel sad.
Life was harder than ever
Since he turned it around,
But with help,
He kept trying,
Until peace was found.


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6 Responses to Finding Ways to Belong

  1. This week on our national broadcaster there is a focus on Mental Health. The last two nights there has been a fascinating program where cameras were allowed into a major mental health unit in Sydney, first time ever apparently, the final part is on tonight. In each program the idea of belonging has struck me as something we all crave in some form or other. I think so many of us spend as you say a lifetime trying to discover just where it is we belong. Your poem reminded me of all this, well written too Pooky.

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    • PookyH says:

      This sounds fascinating but probably not easy viewing.


      • No it wasn’t but an insight into what goes on. There are some very sad cases in this world. There was one guy who believed he was pregnant with God’s child. When they asked him why he thought he was in the hospital he said it was because he had anger issues.
        There was another young man who reminded me of students I have taught in the past……all is good until they can’t get what they want.
        It was an eye opener and at the back of your mind is the thought, ‘there but for the grace of God go I’


  2. evergreenguy says:

    Beautiful poem Pooky! Reminds me a bit of the stuff im going through right now.


  3. evergreenguy says:

    Reblogged this on From The Tips of The Evergreens and commented:
    Beautiful poem by Pooky, Reminds me a bit of some of the stuff im going through right now.


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