Stay Safe My Darlings

Stay safe my darlings,
Do not stray,
To places you don’t know the way,
With people you don’t understand,
Stay here, my darlings,
Hold my hand.
Hold my hand,
And stay close by,
I cannot bear to hear you cry,
Instead, I’ll keep you safe and sound,
If not I’ll sweat, my heart will pound.
I know that one day, I’ll let go,
And you’ll both have the sense to know
How to stay safe,
And where to come
If things go wrong
Yes, home to Mum.


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3 Responses to Stay Safe My Darlings

  1. Lovely poem about the joy and sadness of being a parent, always being there for your grown up family.

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  2. Emily Page says:

    There’s a certain age where they think they know it all yet they clearly don’t where you literally have to hold their hand to stop them causing an accident or worse killing themselves. I guess metaphorically, once that phase is done, you still hold heir hands, just in different ways. Lovely poem Pooky as always x

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