Rewriting Nightmares

Change my dreams Mama,
Comes a sleepy voice.
A lion is chasing me,
And I can’t get away,
And I’m scared.
Hush little bear,
Mama’s here now.
Close your eyes.
I see the lion,
He’s not chasing you,
He wants to play.
He’s a special lion with no claws,
Who loves to cuddle.
Why don’t you run and play with him?
Soon, she is sleeping soundly,
A smile plays on her lips.
And on mine.
Slowly, but surely,
I’m getting the hang of this.


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4 Responses to Rewriting Nightmares

  1. topazo says:

    wow…that was so cool!


  2. Ponder says:

    How precious!!


  3. So cute!! I hope you frame that image! And clever how you turned something scary into something playful. 🙂


  4. Emily Page says:

    That is pure genius! The poem too!


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