The One Where Ellie Declares She Wants a Willy During Sunday Tea

I wish I was Dad,
Said my four year old girl,
As she chewed on her veg
And she played with her curls.
Why do you want to be Dad?
I replied.
Girls can do everything boys can,
I lied.
Then she looked up at me,
With a grin ear to ear,
No they can’t,
Her retort,
Because boys are strange here…
Looking down at her pants,
And then back up at me,
She declared:
It’s not fair I can’t stand when I wee,
So I want to be Dad,
And I want my own willy
Because the bits girls have are dainty and silly.
Before I had kids,
I had just no idea
That Sunday tea talk
Could have ended up here.


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8 Responses to The One Where Ellie Declares She Wants a Willy During Sunday Tea

  1. haha kids say the best things! great little poem!


  2. Lulu says:

    Deja vu. I had the same conversation with my daughter (over 25yrs ago). She was taunted by her brother, that she couldn’t do what he does (stand & pee). Then she showed him she could. Lol

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  3. weeohana says:

    You never knows what goes through there little minds! Lol!


  4. Louise Allan says:

    Love how they say it like it is!


  5. I hope you’re keeping a book of quotes. 🙂

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  6. Ponder says:

    That is too hilarious! When I was 11 or 12, I dreamed I did have one–it was like a garden hose, couldn’t keep it in my delicate lace panties!!!


  7. Lovely poem lovely girl, I like how children express themselves so well.


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