Gone but not forgotten

And then you ran.
So fast.
So far.
I’ve never since
Known where you are,
Or why you left so suddenly.
What happened
That I didn’t see?
And now you’re gone,
And there’s a space,
That once you filled
With your bright face.


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2 Responses to Gone but not forgotten

  1. words4jp says:

    I know this feeling. I have seen it happen way too many times.


  2. Yesterday the movers came to take Ken’s piano to it’s new home. The piano has gone to my 7 year old great niece, who loves it and is beginning lessons in a couple of weeks. Her mother, my niece, knew the day would be difficult for me so she came over. She wanted to move the furniture to fill the empty space, but I realised I’m not yet ready. Yes, “there’s a space”. It’s one I need to sit with for a time.
    Dear Pooky, this is such a beautiful, powerful poem on so many levels. Many of us have “a space” of differing type, for various reasons. Your poem addresses each “space” beautifully. xx


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