My Dog Can Talk (a children’s poem)

My dog is called Marmaduke,
He is quite tall,
He likes playing with socks,
He likes chasing a ball.
But more than those things,
He likes going for walks,
And the thing with my dog is
He talks when he walks.
Most folk don’t believe me,
They think I’m quite mad,
But he talks when he walks
With myself or my Dad.
And the things that he says
Are amusing to hear,
He tells jokes about rabbits,
He sings songs about deer.
He tells tales about pigeons,
He chats about cats,
He’s been known to wax lyrical
All about hats.
Most folk don’t believe
That my tall dog can talk,
That is until they
Join us for a walk.
Then they know he can talk
Which is fun for a while
‘But when will he stop?’
They then ask,
And I smile.


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2 Responses to My Dog Can Talk (a children’s poem)

  1. Great post and I’m no kid. This dog sounds and the pics look like my Katie. 😀


  2. colonialist says:

    You need an illustrator and conversion into a little book for the little!


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