First Day of School

Today was just the first day,
Of many more to come,
It marked a real milestone,
For your Dad and for your Mum.
It seems like you were babies
Just a week or two ago,
But now the time’s already come
To slowly let you go.
School’s a big adventure
Where you’ll learn and laugh and play;
I hope it will excite you,
Each and every single day.
Now the first day’s over
And you’re happy to return,
We’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief
And get set to help you learn.

[For my daughters Ellie and Lyra on their first day of school]

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5 Responses to First Day of School

  1. Always a great day Pooky and a day to remember.


  2. wbdeejay says:

    A great poem and a great picture to remember it by


  3. A lovely poem and what a good way to commemorate such an important occasion.


  4. Another one to add to the treasure trove your words are creating for your daughters. xx


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