Signs of Age

You say you’re looking older.
But where you see wrinkles,
I see good times passed.
Where you see skin
Worn and chapped,
I see hard work and good fun.
Where you see grey hair,
I see wisdom.
And where you feel aches and pains,
I feel love, for all that you’ve done.
Rest your aching feet,
And let me look after you
A little bit,
Whilst we reminisce,
And plan good times
Not yet had.


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6 Responses to Signs of Age

  1. Sensitive, caring, lovely look at old age.

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  2. Lovely Pooky, you could have been talking to me….I saw this blog this morning, you might like it too as it touches on the same topic:


  3. This poem fills me with gratitude for the loving care of my family and friends. xx


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