With Love on Your Wedding Day

This poem comes with love to you
On this, your wedding day.
You’ve prepped and planned,
And now it’s here,
I hope you’ll find a way
To kick back and enjoy it
And let your hard work all pay off.
If the favours aren’t quite perfect,
Then I promise folk won’t scoff.
You’ve considered every detail,
Which is lovely in its way,
But the napkins aren’t the thing that
We’ll recall about your day.
Instead we’ll all remember
How you took each other’s hands
And exchanged rings and looks that said
“We really understand”
This day’s the first of many,
Some with ups and some with downs,
And you’re keen to stick together
Through the smiles
And through the frowns.
As your loved ones come together
To celebrate this day with you
We’re utterly delighted
That you chose to say ‘I do’.


[For my brother, Robin and his bride, Julia – congratulations!]

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