Rest your weary eyes

Rest your weary eyes, my love,
Let sleep take you away,
To a pleasant land of dreams,
Before a brand new day.

Rest your aching legs, my love,
That ran around all day,
Let sweet dreams wash over you,
And take the aches away.

Rest your tired mind, my love,
You thought so much today,
So much to see, so much to learn,
And brand new words to say.

Rest your weary eyes, my love,
And I’ll rest my eyes too,
I’m tired beyond exhaustion,
From having such good times with you.


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5 Responses to Rest your weary eyes

  1. Gorgeous! Did the photo inspire the poem or vice versa?


  2. Beautiful words, beautiful photo. Also a lovely rhythm and rhyme to this poem. When I read it aloud, as I do all poems, it feels wonderful as the words roll around in my mouth. xx


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