Pink and Blue

By morning you are Spiderman,
By afternoon, you’re Belle,
You take your turn at football,
And you do it rather well.
You’re dressed up in a tutu
As you take your aim and strike,
Before you lose all interest
And you’re off on your red bike.
You pedal to a tea party
With dolls and teddies too,
Barbie’s sitting next to Ken
And Batman and his crew.
You run away to climb some trees
Then paint your nails pink,
Before you take some quiet time,
To sit alone and think.
You’re quiet, loud and inbetween,
You’re pink and green and blue,
You find the joy in everything,
You love life through and through.


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4 Responses to Pink and Blue

  1. Colour associations have always been with us haven’t they. I remember once dressing my baby daughter in a brown and orange jumpsuit, much to the horror of her grandmother.


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