One More Day

She watched as he walked away.
Out of the door.
And out of her life.
Though she knew, in truth,
He would never be gone.
He was indelibly marked on her heart.
She could not bear the thought
Of life without him.
But nor could things continue this way.
But why now?
Why did today bring her unhappy ending?
She wished for one more day.
Just one more day…


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5 Responses to One More Day

  1. charlypriest says:

    I think quite some people have felt that way, I know I had at least. Just to give me one more shot at getting it right before…puff! she disappeared. My bad anyways. Nice poem as always Mrs. Pooky.


  2. A lovely poem of lost love.


  3. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    ah such a lovely poem {sigh}


  4. This is a beautiful wish Pooky, you have written it with great delicacy. Lovely.


  5. topazo says:

    oh dear! this is so sad…why can’t things just continue? why does good things have to end? why do we have to bear scars of people we love that walk away from us?


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