Dear Pigeon

You sit cooing, pooing,
You’re the vermin of the sky,
Lots of people hate you,
But I’m really not sure why.
I don’t see a flying rat,
I see a heart with wings,
When I watch you with your pigeon friends
I notice little things,
Like the way you sit together,
As you watch the day go by,
And the way you look out for your friends
As you spread your wings and fly.
You might squabble over biscuits,
And go rifling through the bins,
But I think you’re rather lovely,
We should overlook your sins.


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5 Responses to Dear Pigeon

  1. Oh this is wonderful Pooky, I simply love it! And I totally agree with you 😊


  2. I love pigeons too, can’t imagine why they have an image problem. Your poem sums it all up, they are beautiful birds. I like the way their heads bob up and down as they walk.


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