Puddle Jumping

Rainy days are indoor days,
Unless, of course, you’re four,
Then rainy days are days to splash
In puddles on the floor.
As big fat drops of rain cascade
Down windows, doors and pipes,
You squeal with joy, and jump about
With pleasure and delight.
You pull your welly boots on,
And your macintosh as well,
And then outside we venture
As the rain makes puddles swell.
We start off with some small ones,
But it’s not too long until,
You’ve found some really huge ones;
Will you jump in them? You will!
I watch you and I’m smiling,
Then you take me by the hand,
And soon we’re all three jumping
Into puddles, and it’s grand.


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5 Responses to Puddle Jumping

  1. You cant beat fun in puddles! 😊 x

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  2. I love rain, spashing in puddles, playing in mud, chasing fog, standing in snow flurries, and I LOVE this poem. I can’t do much splashing or chasing these days but I have a wonderful niece who will push me along the coast path in the rain – bliss. 🙂
    Thanks for writing this joy filled poem, Pooky. I’ve such a grin on my face right now. xxx


  3. It is fun when its raining, wading through puddles, or running in the rain can be good, I ran a half marathon in torrential rain last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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