Take Time for Friends

Take time to talk,
Take time to care,
Take time to tell your friend you’re there.
Take time to pause,
Take time to hear,
Take time to tell your friend you’re near.
Take time to laugh,
Take time to pry,
Take time to hold your friend and cry.
Take time to be a real friend,
It’s the most precious time you’ll spend.

take time for friends poem

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14 Responses to Take Time for Friends

  1. Hiibaa says:

    🙂 I really enjoyed this! Time is indeed the most meaningful of gifts!


  2. words4jp says:

    Wonderful reminder. Especially for those of us who are good at closing ourselves off from those around us.


  3. Charlie Alford says:

    Very nice and never a truer message… We all should take the time 🙂

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  4. How appropriate this is for me today Pooky. So well said.


  5. Time is something so few people seem to have these days, making these words even more poignant.


    • PookyH says:

      you’re so right. It’s easy to think you don’t have time, but some things deserve to be prioritised I think. This is what I tell myself each time I decide on a whim to go and have lunch with my grandpa and miss out on an afternoon’s work. I might think I’m too busy, but what could possibly be more important than making memories with my grandfather when I can never know how many more there are left to make?

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  6. Such a beautiful poem Pooky! Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  7. Wonderful! I love it! 😀


  8. Donna Umecker, Publisher, Shared News says:

    I am the Publisher of a bi-monthly newsletter. I print and distribute 11,000 of each issue. 80% are placed on single-family front porches and the remaining are placed in stores, public places and restaurants with high traffic.

    I would like permission to place your poem in my upcoming Back-to-School issue.

    Your reply to my email with permission is much appreciated. I am in production the week of July 7th.

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