Your smile lights the room as you walk in,
The moment you arrive, the fun begins.
Your love of life is clear for all to see,
You always look as happy as can be.

Your laughter is infectious as a cold,
You make the oldest people feel less old,
As you help them see the little things,
That warm your precious heart and make you sing.

You share your love with cuddles, kisses too.
Everyone falls straight in love with you,
You make the most down-mouthed amongst us smile,
A proper smile, the kind that lasts a while.

You light our world most each and every day,
Dear Ellie, let it always be that way.


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6 Responses to Smiler

  1. Lovely poem, what a ray of Sunshine Ellie is. Like the picture too.


  2. Just beautiful! Happy tears here; and yes, “let it always be that way”. xx


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