The composer’s dream

As the music washes over me,
I am cleansed of the day.
Ills and joys are banished
As I live in this moment;
A part of a perfect concerto,
Played with a passion
Known only to those
Who have lived and loved.
Each note sees me wander further
Into the composer’s dream.
I am part of his world now,
Not mine,
And it is beautiful.

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8 Responses to The composer’s dream

  1. angharad says:

    Music is a true form of escapism, as is reading your wonderful words! Another gem here! X


  2. Lovely feeling of serenity in this Pooky x


  3. Oh Pooky, such a powerful, beautiful poem.
    Music has given me so much during my life. Music doesn’t necessarily need words to touch the depth of our being. In fact sometimes the most moving music is wordless, it communicates beyond words. And yes it can transport us back in time until we feel at one with the composer.
    This wonderful poem has taken me back to some amazing musical experiences. Thanks Pooks. xx


  4. wbdeejay says:

    Wonderful, reminding just how music can transport me away. I especially loved “part of his world now”. xx


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