Being Loved and Loving

If you are loved,
Then loving is an easier thing to do,
The joy of love and loving
Is no mystery to you.
You want to hold the hand of those
You care about each day,
And wrap their heart
In heartfelt hugs,
That demonstrate the way
You cherish and adore them,
And you hope they understand,
Quite how much loving is conveyed
Each time you hold their hand.


[For Tricia – the hand-holding is virtual but means no less my dear friend x]

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6 Responses to Being Loved and Loving

  1. Dear Pooky, thank you so very much. Your words are beautiful and fill me with gratitude my precious friend. The feelings are mutual. xx


  2. Such true words. The older we get, the more priorities settle into our subconscious. 🙂


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