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Ugly Beautiful.

Dandelion seeds: Fairies floating on the breeze. Ugly beautiful.

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He looked too late, And moved too soon. Lit softly by the crescent moon, He saw the terror on her face As he hit her; his heart raced. He stopped the car, And jumped out fast, Too late, This kitten’s … Continue reading

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Blue Eyes – Brown Eyes

Danika Ramsbottom went to the shop, To pick up some yoghurt and cheese. She got what she wanted And went to the till And said ‘I’d like to pay for this please’ But the man at the till Said that … Continue reading

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Fading scars

There was a time When I hated the scars, Criss-crossing, Ragged, Raw. Telling my story To those who cared to see. Ashamed, I covered them, Hid them from view Hid them from the judgement of the World. Time has passed, … Continue reading

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Good Days, Bad Days

Some days I long To soar high And fly free Like an eagle, I’d watch The world Far beneath me. But some days I long To stay Closed up inside In a big padded box From the World, I would … Continue reading

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Shopping for Magic

Carefully, She picked her way through the rails. Each garment another disaster. Another way to feel ugly. But yet she searched, In the vain hope There was magic here. A way to feel good. She knew she would fail. And … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Ask

I didn’t tell you, Because you didn’t ask. Perhaps if you had, I’d have found the words To ask for help. But you didn’t. Perhaps if you’d asked, I’d have told you About the things he said. The things he … Continue reading

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Safe Place

Unable to speak She sought comfort in his arms. This was her safe place.

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Happy Bird

Surrounded by green, A brown bird chirps happily. The world is in bloom.

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The Unkept House

Pull yourself together, Put some makeup on your face, Tidy up and do the dishes, The kitchen’s a disgrace. The dishes are all piled up, The beds are all unmade, There are toys in every corner And the milkman’s not … Continue reading

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