Floating Away

He watched in despair
As the balloon floated away.
A sphere of yellow
In a sky of perfect blue.
As it drifted higher,
The tears rolled down his daughter’s cheeks.
Big, fat, silent tears.
For she was not one to complain.
He needed to fix this,
But he could not.
He felt so helpless;
Unable to shield his daughter
From the pain of this small loss,
That loomed so large.
‘Ice cream?’
He asked.


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4 Responses to Floating Away

  1. colonialist says:

    That should fix it!


  2. Everything is relative as they say. Sometimes the little things are big 😊


  3. Ice cream helps to heal most hurts, and he can get her another yellow balloon soon, hopefully she’ll have forgotten all about it by then..


  4. The perfect solution!


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