Magic Doors

Life feels like magic
When you are four.
If you want an adventure
You walk through a door.
Any old door will do,
Black, green or white,
But if you walk through a red one,
Prepare for a fright.
As you walk through the door
You don’t know what you’ll find,
(Well, except you do really
As it comes from your mind)
It could be rivers, or glaciers,
Mountains or fog,
Spiders, anteaters,
A giraffe or a frog.
Scary times, funny times,
Times full of mystery,
Future times, current times,
Times dragged from history.
It’s amazing the things
That you find behind doors,
And it’s all the more magical
If you take time to pause,
And to think about all of the
Places you’ve been,
And the magic you’ve done
And the things that’s you’ve seen.
When you are four you are small,
But you’re strong
And your mind’s filled with magic
And your heart’s filled with song.


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3 Responses to Magic Doors

  1. I don’t really remember being four but I hope it was as exciting as you stated today.


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