Girls Like Pink and Boys Like Blue

Girls like pink and boys like blue,
Except for little girls like you.
You like blue and green and red,
(Though sometimes you choose pink instead)
You quite like frills, you like mud too…
You list your favourite things to do
As climbing high, and making noise,
And lots of games designed for boys,
You also like to do your hair,
And dance round in your underwear.
You don’t care what’s for girls or boys,
You don’t let norms dictate your toys;
You just do what you like to do,
Because you’re happy being you.
But as your Mum, I don’t know how
To keep you thinking just like now,
To let you know that it’s okay
To play with what you want to play.
As you venture far from me,
I fear the things you’ll hear and see
Will teach you things that girls should do,
And that I’ll see a change in you.
I hope I don’t, because you are
A bright and shining, perfect star.

[Ellie on her 4th birthday. She spent half the day dressed as Spiderman, the other half dressed as Rapunzel]

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7 Responses to Girls Like Pink and Boys Like Blue

  1. I think its all about that word ‘balance’ – it crops up everywhere! Good poem really well expressed with feeling and love xx


  2. colonialist says:

    Good for her! Makes one think, actually. These days, it is becoming more and more accepted for girls to do some ‘boy’ things. However, people still tend to go into fits of the horrors if a boy wants to play with dolls or – aaaaargh! – dress in pretty clothes.

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  3. words4jp says:

    I say – whatever floats her boat!!!!! How cool is Ellie:)


  4. Rock on little Ellie and happy birthday to you!


  5. I love this poem! I feel the same as a mother of girls. I’m sure it’s healthy for Ellie to do all this experimenting. 🙂


  6. wbdeejay says:

    I read that the whole pink/girl blue/boy situation used to be the other way around. It’s just a fashion conditioning that some people follow blindly without thinking.
    I hope your girls grow with strength of their own conviction
    to remain unswayed by others opinion.


    • PookyH says:

      Yes, in Victorian times it was the other way around.

      I hope they just have the courage and conviction to know their own mind and be proud to be themselves. X


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