Accidental Hero

A hero in the eyes of many,
His life was lived in the shadow of The Deed.
A deed so good its doing proceeded him
No matter where he travelled.
You’d have done the same.
He said, knowing they wouldn’t.
It was nothing.
He said, knowing it wasn’t.
I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
He said,
Hoping they could not read the lie
Plainly written on his face.
He would not risk his life for others again.
Nor would he have done it then,
If he’d truly understood the danger.
He fell into heroism,
But he could not fall out of it.
He lived a half life,
Following in his own shadow,
For he could never live up to
The image others had created of him.


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9 Responses to Accidental Hero

  1. There is so much truth and irony in the term accidental hero. I had an uncle who did such an deed one day. I am sure he never anticipated doing it again. Good poem Pooky.


    • PookyH says:

      Thank you Michael. It’s funny, I feel a bit like this about being Ellie’s Mum. People think it’s a really big deal, but it’s really not. My Grandpa doesn’t think it’s a big deal, in his day if a kid in the family needed a home, you gave them a home, but lots of people now make out that Tom and I are wonderful for embracing her as part of the family. it’s a strange thing as I feel it’s almost the opposite, we’ve gained far more from this arrangement than we’ve ever given as she’s an absolute joy. I’m not explaining this well but perhaps you get my jist..

      That must have been difficult for your uncle. Was it something revisited often?


      • Well my uncle received a bravery award which his family were very proud of but I know he saw it as just helping out a policeman in need at the time. One of those reflex actions you worry about after.
        I don’t know Ellie’s story but if you are making progress as her mum and her life and yours is enriched then you must be doing great things for her and yourselves. As I would expect Pooky. Have a good evening/day.


      • PookyH says:

        Wow… it must have been quite something he did. Though as you say, it probably just came naturally to him at the time.

        Ellie is my husband’s cousin’s daughter by birth but she was taken into care at birth. Rather than letting her go to closed adoption, we adopted her as a sister to Lyra which means that she’ll always know her mum (and vice versa). It seemed like a pretty obvious and logical thing to do. She’s only 15 weeks younger than Lyra and I was full of protective maternal hormones that would not have allowed any other choice. Not an easy path but one that we are now very pleased to have taken.


      • Ok thanks for that. I have gathered that Ellie is an important member of your family and from what I see from way across the sea you are both doing a wonderful job as parents. I remember interviewing parents and telling them that whatever they were doing as parents to keep it up as their child was a beautiful person and was so because of their parenting. I think your girls will benefit in the same way Pooky. Good luck with it all. My eldest daughter has moved back to my area and today her 12 yr old son will be coming to spend the afternoon with my son and I.he will play on Jordan’s PS4, and it’s good to have them around me after so many years away.


      • PookyH says:

        Oh how wonderful! I hope you have a lot of fun together xxxx


  2. Garry Fowler says:

    Whatever you may think Pooky, you are a heroine to me. You have touched so many lives already and I know you will touch many more in the future.


  3. colonialist says:

    The Flashman of fiction managed to fake it quite successfully on that basis!


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