Thank You Ulrike

[A poem for my PhD supervisor]

Corrections passed
And champagne drunk,
The time has finally come,
For me to give
My warmest thanks,
For all that you have done.
It’s taken longer
Than we thought,
‘Twas not a rapid ride.
But through the years,
You’ve always been
The most inspiring guide.
You’ve taught me,
Shaped me,
Made me think,
And often made me smile.
You gently told me ‘no’ sometimes
In your most unique style.
But first and foremost,
You believed
I’d make it to the end,
When I was filled with gnawing doubt,
You acted as a friend.
Each time that I’m called doctor,
I will fondly think of you,
And of the way you guided me,
And helped me see this through.

[me graduating from my PhD yesterday after a 7-year-journey]

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10 Responses to Thank You Ulrike

  1. colonialist says:

    Warmest congratulations! What a wonderful achievement!


  2. Lovely poem and wrll done! X


  3. Charlie Alford says:

    Wow congratulations 🙂


  4. C.J. Black says:

    I’ve just raised my glass to you, congratulations.

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  5. joefingas says:



  6. OnTheWay... says:

    Massive congratulations! Well deserved indeed! x


  7. johncoyote says:

    Graduation on finishing school and thank you for sharing the positive poem. We need to appreciate the good teachers. They set the example for the kids.


  8. Congratulations Doctor!


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