Thank You Teacher

The time’s flown by
And now we’re here,
The final day
Of nursery year.
We’ve watched our children
Learn and grow
They’ve got so many
Things to show
From fun times they’ve spent
In your care,
They write their names
And brush their hair.
They love to learn,
Can’t wait for school
There really are
No words at all
To show our
Depth of gratitude
For nurturing this attitude.
We’ll not forget
You’ve brought them far,
Thank you teacher
You’re a star.


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3 Responses to Thank You Teacher

  1. This is lovely, Pooky. I’m sure the teacher was thrilled. It was such a thoughtful, special thing to do.

    I’m dying to see photos of the girls in their school uniforms, I always feel goose-bumpy when I look at photos of children in their sparkly new uniforms, ready to begin a new phase of life. I still remember Ken’s first day of school, and that was almost 40 years ago. 🙂 xx


  2. As a teacher I would be so chuffed to receive something like this but I would also congratulate the parents who have done such a wonderful job on raising their children to be wanting to learn and nurturing their desire to look beyond their immediate world.

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