The Unkept House

Pull yourself together,
Put some makeup on your face,
Tidy up and do the dishes,
The kitchen’s a disgrace.
The dishes are all piled up,
The beds are all unmade,
There are toys in every corner
And the milkman’s not been paid.
The bins are overflowing,
The cat’s fending for himself,
The mail’s all unopened
In a pile on the shelf.
The floors are far from gleaming
And the bread’s completely stale,
Just what have you been thinking?
Though you have gone rather pale…
Perhaps it’s all too much for you,
Perhaps you need a break,
You might just need a good night’s rest,
You spend too much time awake.
I know that you can do this,
You have done it all before,
So just what is it that has changed
So you don’t do it anymore?
Perhaps it is the baby,
If it is, then that’s okay,
Just as long as you’re both safe and well,
I know we’ll find a way.


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10 Responses to The Unkept House

  1. Oh dear Pooky I have known places like this. One family I knew had one room in their house that was kept clean should anyone visit, the rest of it looked a little like your image. Have a good day.


    • PookyH says:

      how very strange! As a kid I had friends from Newcastle who had a room they reserved for best (we were NEVER allowed in there) I found it bizarre, the rest of the house was not untidy but the best room was almost royal. A strange scenario though as we grew up in houses that were too small and they could really have used the space!


  2. words4jp says:

    My neighbor across from my townhouse was taken out of her house today. Dead. She was a hoarder.


  3. Hi Pooky. You could certainly misplace a baby in that photo!


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