I’d like to resign with immediate effect.
I don’t think you can do that? I’m not sure? Have you checked?
And why do you want to resign from your post?
Can you tell me the reason that matters the most?

Well it’s simple, it’s not what they said it would be.
The job’s simply not like how they sold it to me.
Can you explain in more detail your cause for concern?
Is there a problem with how much you earn?
Well there’s that and the hours which are far more than stated,
And I didn’t take the job on thinking I would be hated,
I didn’t know I’d have to do half as much cleaning,
I’m beginning to understand just how you’re feeling.
I see that you must feel somewhat disappointed,
Are you beginning to regret you were ever appointed?
I’d not go that far but the job was mis-sold,
Just over six months and it’s made me feel old.
It’s much harder than all the past jobs that I’ve done,
Bar work and admin and cleaning aren’t fun
But you know what’s expected and at the end of the day
You get to go home and a decent day’s pay
So I’ve had it, it’s over, I want to resign
But your job role is ‘mother’ – you can NOT resign!


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13 Responses to Resignation

  1. colonialist says:

    Dear boss, I hereby wish to quit;
    The reason is quite plain –
    I can’t take you and all your …
    It’s driving me insane!


  2. I think as parents we all have days like that when you wonder if its worth the hassle Pooky, but as you conclude, your a mother there is no get out of it clause.


    • PookyH says:

      Indeed! The highs are definitely worth the lows!

      How are you? Sorry I’ve been notable by my absence. A combination of a week of travelling to speak at various conferences followed by a week of sickness in our household. We seem to be emerging blinking the other side.


      • I am well I saw you had been unwell. Hope you will soon firing on all Pooky cylinders.


      • PookyH says:

        Thank you – we’re getting there!

        How are things in your world?


      • Winter is upon us, nothing as severe as you might experience but from my perspective it’s cold, we even had a frost the other morning. It’s windy and cold at present, on a Saturday afternoon. Been enjoying the prompts I have been attempting lately some challenging ones for me.


      • PookyH says:

        We had a very mild winter this year – more what I’m used to but the children were disappointed by the lack of snow which they assume is the norm!

        Sorry re no prompts, I’m trying to think about a more sustainable way forwards, perhaps one or two per week? I think more people might join in that way too?

        I had a note from my old English teacher the other day, she did a poetry project with her year 9’s using my prompts as the stimulus – I felt proud!


      • Hey that’s lovely they were good prompts Pooky. I think that may be a good idea a few a week, one every day was fun but often other things got in the way.
        At one stage last year a French blogger and I looked at setting up a story exchange between kids at her school and a class at mine but as I was leaving I gave to another teacher and I don’t think anything came of it. I thought it had possibilities. Be good to see what your old teachers kids came up with.


  3. I saw ‘resign’ and ‘post’ and thought you were going to quit your blog! Phew!

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  4. You’re allowed to go on strike now and again. 😉


  5. Love your poem, resigning can be so empowering.


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