A Change From Housework

There was too much of nothing in her life.
She was the perfect Mum, the perfect wife.
She looked busy and content most every day,
Look happy Mum! She knew a hundred ways.
Her life’s monotony made her feel ill,
Unchallenged and most uninspired until
One day a nice man taught her how to dance,
And as she danced he stole a cheeky glance;
Approving of the view he showed a way,
She could enjoy a portion of each day.
She found a lease of life (and so did he)
She kept it secret, as these things should be.
But now the smile she wears each day is real,
Because her second lover makes her feel.
The world still sees perfection in her ways,
Despite her kinky interludes most days.


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1 Response to A Change From Housework

  1. Its not hard to understand how life’s monotony can lead one to distraction. Well written Pooky.


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