Poetry Prompt 65 – Handwriting

write a poem which considers handwriting

Today’s prompt is to write a poem which considers handwriting

You might like to consider:

  • What does handwriting tell us about someone?
  • Is handwriting important in the age of computers?
  • What is your own handwriting like?
  • How do you feel when you receive a handwritten note or card?
  • Should you handwrite your poem?

Happy reading, happy writing -and if you do write, don’t forget to post your poem (in full or as a link) in the comments below so we can all enjoy it.

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12 Responses to Poetry Prompt 65 – Handwriting

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  3. tjtherien says:

    might not be exactly what you meant by this prompt http://insidethepoetsmind.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/she-writes-love-on-her-arms/


  4. wbdeejay says:

    Writing the poem was easier than “writing down” the poem. I decided to handwrite it on my iPad with a stylus and learnt a lot!


  5. wbdeejay says:

    Is that your handwriting in the photo at the top Pooky?


  6. wbdeejay says:

    Dear Pooky,
    I missed it
    Your poetry prompt today
    Looked forward to an evening
    of writing my time away
    Instead I read the words of others
    and found much inspiration
    Shared my thoughts in comments
    and made plans for blog post creation
    And now as sleepness calls
    and I have watched some Tour de France
    I anticipate tomorrow’s words
    And a prompt if you get the chance 😉

    with much love xx


    • PookyH says:

      Apologies good sir. I have not been at my desk in over a week… I think reality dictates a less gruelling schedule of prompts unless I have some friends who care to help (hint…. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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