You Made Me Proud Today

You made me proud today,
In a thousand different ways.
The way you dressed yourself,
And brushed your hair,
Ate your breakfast nicely,
And tidied away your plate.
The way you worked so hard,
To colour only within the lines.
The way you gently stroked the cat,
And smothered the dog with kisses.
The way you chose a present for a friend,
And inexpertly wrapped it in paper,
And expertly wrapped it in love.
The way you shyly told people your name,
And boldly tackled the biggest slides.
But most of all, you made me proud
The many times you were kind.
Your kisses and cuddles and keenness to share.
Sharing even your most precious things.
That’s pretty special behaviour
For one not yet five.
You made me proud today.
Just like every day.


[For Ellie]

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3 Responses to You Made Me Proud Today

  1. Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice says:

    So wonderful & such a reminder to us to treasure & celebrate those ‘proud’ moments. Made me cry!


  2. wbdeejay says:

    That is wonderful.


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