So small… So fast!

There was a girl who had a dog,
That fitted in her pocket
He was small, but his short legs
Propelled him like a rocket.
When she took him out for walks
He always ran too fast
The boys and girls would point at him,
As he went shooting past.
It really was a puzzle how
A dog that was so small,
Could outrun all the other dogs,
Who were more strong and tall.
People often asked the girl
How her dog had got so quick
She shrugged her shoulders
Keeping quiet about his magic stick.
He’d found it in the woods one day,
All gold and slightly gnawed,
He took it home and chewed on it
Whilst his family snored
Soon they were all wide awake
And pointing at their dog
Who was zooming round in circles,
Though he only used to jog.
The more he chewed the magic stick,
The faster that he ran,
Until, despite his tiny size,
He could outrun a man.
His little legs got faster
With each and every day that passed
And the people always talked about
A dog, so small… So fast!


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6 Responses to So small… So fast!

  1. colonialist says:

    Great fun. A case of quick-sticks! (If you’ve ever heard the expression.)


  2. A lovely poem, and the picture of a cute little dog.


  3. words4jp says:

    Cute;) so cute;)


  4. wbdeejay says:

    Oh what a joy! This is delightful and just magical (of course!)


  5. He is small! Very cute dog and poem!


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