Poetry Prompt 56 – Sliding Doors

write a poem about how different someone’s life might have been if something happened differently

Today’s prompt is to write a poem which reflects on how very different someone’s life might have been if a tiny thing had happened differently

You might like to consider:

  • Who should you write about?
  • Should you tell a true story and an imagined alternative version?
  • Do you think tiny moments really can have an impact on life’s course?
  • How will you incorporate the two realities?

Happy reading, happy writing -and if you do write, don’t forget to post your poem (in full or as a link) in the comments below so we can all enjoy it.

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One Response to Poetry Prompt 56 – Sliding Doors

  1. colonialist says:

    Just fifty two years now gone by
    We both of us were booked to fly;
    How were we to know
    When we said, ‘We won’t go,’
    That all on that aircraft would die?

    If we’d not decided, instead,
    That we would prefer to be wed,
    Two children, four grand,
    Would not be to hand –
    How could they, with both of us dead?

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