Harm and Hope

Everything felt too much,
He needed it to stop.
Huddled in the bathroom,
Locked away and shaking,
He had a choice to make.
He had a razor blade in one hand,
A picture of his brother in the other.
He turned the blade over in his hand.
It taunted him.
He knew its secrets;
The relief it would bring,
Followed by the ache of guilt.
Tempted by the thought of relief,
He pressed the razor to his skin,
But then he caught his brother’s eye,
Looking up at him
With a shiny gloss finish
And a heart full of love.
I cannot do this with you watching…
He concluded.
He put the blade away,
Secreting the picture with it.
He had not placed the picture there.
He did not know his brother knew.
He had said nothing.
As he left the bathroom,
He passed his brother on the stairs.
His eyes passed over his brother’s fading scars,
Criss-crossing strong black arms.
Thank you.
He muttered,
Knowing his brother would understand.
His brother always understood.
You can do this.
Said his brother,
You are stronger than me,
And between us,
We have the strength of three.
You can do this,
And I’ll help you.


Today’s prompt is to write a poem which aims to give hope to someone who has lost theirs.

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16 Responses to Harm and Hope

  1. Love your poem, the strong brotherly bond overcoming the equally strong urge to self harm. Insightful and thought provoking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. colonialist says:

    Phew – you don’t hesitate to tackle sensitive topics, do you? Very effective.


  3. This is hard for me to read. Not me personally but someone very close to me.


    • PookyH says:

      it’s not an easy topic and it can make for painful reading and painful thinking but I honestly think it is better to try and understand rather than to shy away. If I can help, do let me know, this is something of a specialism of mine, I’m currently writing a book on it. pooky@inourhands.com if you want me to send you anything helpful. Sorry it’s hit a nerve, but whoever it is who’s affected is very lucky to have someone like you in their life. xxx


  4. This is beautifully written. Very touching. Thank-you for sharing it with us!


  5. topazo says:

    wow….beautiful…there is always hope…


  6. I’m so glad the end had hope, so sad, though. Loved it. 🙂


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