Poetry Prompt 53 – A secret

write a poem in which a secret is shared

Today’s prompt is to write a poem in which a secret is shared.

You might like to consider:

  • Should you share a secret of your own, someone else’s or imagine one?
  • What secret should you share?
  • If you share the secret in a poem, is it still a secret? Should you explore that?
  • Should you gradually reveal the secret or blurt it out
  • Should you allude to but not actually reveal the secret?
  • Should you aim to build suspense?

Happy reading, happy writing -and if you do write, don’t forget to post your poem (in full or as a link) in the comments below so we can all enjoy it.

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4 Responses to Poetry Prompt 53 – A secret

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  2. beloved76 says:

    Enjoyed this prompt:


    you can post on my page also


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