Poetry Prompt 48 – The Wrong Response

write a poem which illustrates a time you gave an inappropriate response

Today’s prompt is to write a poem which tells the story of a time you have given an inadequate or inappropriate response to something you’ve been told.

You might like to consider:

  • When have you said the wrong thing?
  • How did you feel afterwards?
  • How did the other person respond?
  • What could you have said that would have been more appropriate?

Happy reading, happy writing -and if you do write, don’t forget to post your poem (in full or as a link) in the comments below so we can all enjoy it.

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10 Responses to Poetry Prompt 48 – The Wrong Response

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  2. mtanub says:

    there are so many wrong responses yet, when you sit to think them through they vanish from your mind.
    check put my piece.


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  4. excelsizeus says:

    Reblogged this on Inklings and devlings.


  5. I often, unwittingly, say the wrong thing, I have to go nearly everywhere twice,the first time is when I put my foot in it and then the second time when I realise I’ve done it again, I return to apologise (whoops, sorry,I didn’t mean it like that……).Best if I just keep quiet.


  6. wbdeejay says:

    My inner voice usually comes back with the wrong response to any self-thought. So I decided to rebut the naysaying.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. excelsizeus says:

    Not sure this really answers the challenge. Hope you like it.



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