Bathroom Fun

Shouted Ellie,
As she opened up the door.
If you don’t come fast
Then Mum will come
And make us wash the floor.
The floor was quite delightfully,
Drenched in suds and foam,
Lyra hurried through the door
To make a soap filled home.
Ellie slammed the door shut,
In the hope their Mum would stay
Far off from the bathroom,
And that they’d have time to play,
In the world they had created,
That was magical and soapy,
They laughed and squealed,
And slid about,
Both acting rather dopey.
When the door was opened
By their frazzled looking Mum,
The girls both hung their heads low
As she’d come to stop their fun.
Her eyes flashed blue with anger,
For a moment, then she smiled,
And told the girls that if they must
They could play here for a while.
They promised they would tidy up
The bath, the walls and floor.
And so their Mum left them to play
And gently, shut the door.


Today’s prompt is to write a poem which features the opening and closing of doors.

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6 Responses to Bathroom Fun

  1. colonialist says:

    Yay for an understanding Mom!


  2. words4jp says:

    Awesome. I would have tried to get video;)


  3. Excellent Pooky, but what happened when you went back later?


  4. wbdeejay says:

    From a simple prompt of doors opening and closing, this is a delightfully fun poem.


  5. How wonderful. You get my vote for mother of the year. x


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