Fragile Friendships

What happens when
You know someone,
But what you knew was wrong?
That what you were
Told was the truth,
Was pure lies all along?
It’s hard to move on forwards,
To forgive and to forget.
Friendships built on trust and love,
From the first day that you met,
Are vulnerable to change of heart
Or lies that once weren’t told.
Friendships built on cracks and lies
Will never grow that old.
It’s tempting not to tell the truth,
If you have things to hide,
But the day you lose
The friend you had,
You’ll wish you never lied.


Today’s prompt is to write a poem which considers the fragility of friendship.

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8 Responses to Fragile Friendships

  1. wbdeejay says:

    Sad but inevitable if built on lies. This poem says a lot!

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  2. Friendship without trust is not possible. There is a deep truth in these words, Pooky.

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  3. jfb57 says:

    Oh those lies will always catch us out especially with friends!

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  4. martha0stout says:

    Sometimes it’s not even lies that you told that specific friend, but lies you’ve told another, about someone else. When they find that you have treated someone, anyone, like that… They find it hard to reconcile the image of you that they had with what they have learned.


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